Fix: Regal App Error Code 4 [Including the Possible Causes!]

Regal error code 4 could arise due to any of these:

  • The platform or app is facing any technical issues such as server maintenance or server downtime.
  • The app is not updated.
  • App cache & data is corrupted.

Regal is a platform where you can find reviews, trailers, showtimes, and much more about movies, and the main part – after satisfaction, you can book tickets for the movies. 

However, sometimes the platform may face some difficulties to book your tickets. Error code 4 is a result of difficulties that are preventing users from successfully booking their tickets. 

No concrete reason can be fixed for receiving this error, however, generally, the error is appearing when the platform is facing a system glitch such as server downtime. Another possible reason could be an old version of the app or corrupted app cache and data.

How to Fix Regal App Error Code 4

How to Fix Regal Error Code 4?

Follow these steps:

  • Check the Regal server status to verify if there are no issues going on with it.
  • Update the Regal app.
  • Clear the Regal app cache & data.
  • Contact Support.

Check Regal Server Status

Start checking Regal server status and if it is down or if any other technical issue like any maintenance work is going on with the platform then wait for a while till the developers resolve it and book your tickets again Try to do

You can use third-party tools such as to verify whether Regal services are indeed experiencing problems or not. Alternatively, you can also refer to the Regal’s official Twitter or Facebook page to verify the same.

Update Regal App

If the error is showing up due to a technical glitch or bug then updating the Regal app may prevent you from getting the error.

Android: Open the PlayStore app and on the top right corner of the screen, tap on your Profile Pic > Select “Manage apps & device” > Tap on the Manage section and then tap on the Updates Available option > Scroll down to see Regal App > Check the Box next to the app and update it.

iOS: Open the App Store > Tap on your profile pic > Scroll down to see all pending updates and release notes > Find the Regal app from the list and tap Update next to it.

The error should be resolved now. Not? Try the next step.

Clear Regal App Cache & Data

Corrupted Regal app cache and data can result in an error like error code 4. So, clearing the app cache & data may resolve the error. 

On your Android device, long tap on the Regal app icon and then tap on App info and clear the cache and data for the Regal app.

On your iOS device, go to “Settings” > Find “General” option > Tap on “iPhone/iPad Storage” > Find the Regal app and tap on “Offload App” or “Delete App”. This will delete the app cache & data. Now, install the Regal app again.

Contact Support

If you have verified the Regal server status and there is nothing wrong, and also updated the app and cleared the app cache and data, still nothing has changed, you may need to contact support further may be required. There might be some other problem with your account.

Visit this link- to contact and tell your problem to the support team.


I have mentioned some very easy steps to fix Regal error code 4. After trying all the steps, if the error is still showing up to you, don’t hesitate to contact support.

I hope the guide has helped you understand the error and its solution steps. Thanks!

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