How To Fix Regal Error Code 51? (Easy Fixes!)

Are you facing Regal error code 51 while buying tickets on the platform? Don’t worry, just swipe down to know about this error code including its fixes.

Regal error code 51 refers to a payment issue that has been declined- either because you do not have a sufficient balance or the selected payment method is not acceptable. 

Other causes: A technical issue with the platform, an outdated app version, corrupted app cache, or the tickets being out of stock. 

The error appears followed by the message- “Oops…Something unexpectedly went wrong. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try making your purchase again”

Regal error code 51

How To Fix Regal Error Code 51?

Follow these fixes in order to get rid of the error code:

Check whether tickets are available or not

Since most users are seeing the error while booking movie tickets, it is recommended to verify whether tickets are available or sold out for that time.

If all tickets are sold out, then wait till they are available to rebook. Try after some time!

Use Another Payment Method

Another primary reason for receiving Regal error code 51 could be insufficient funds or balance. Hence you are advised to change your payment method to solve the error. 

Once you use a different payment method, the error should not re-occur – if that was the problem with the funds.

Update Regal App

If the tickets are available to book and even you have tried a different payment method but still the error is there, it could be due to the old version of the Regal app. It’s time to update the Regal app;

Android: Click on your profile image in the Play Store app > Tap on Manage Apps & Device > Find Regal App from the App’s list > Tap on Update next to the app. 

iOS: Open App Store > Click on your Profile pic > Scroll down to see the list of apps > Find Regal from the list and tap on it > Tap on the “Update” option next to the app.

Once the app is updated, launch it again and try to book your ticket, now see if the hard work pays off.

Clear the Regal App cache

Intermittent problems with Regal apps can be easily fixed by clearing the app cache and data. Doing so will remove all app caches and data including corrupted ones.

See if clearing the Regal app cache and data helps resolve the error code.

Contact Support

If you’ve tried all of the fixes above and error code 51 is still preventing you from booking your ticket, then contacting support might be the next best option.

You can contact Regal support directly by visiting this page-


Several causes could help to appear the regal error code 51. Some of the main causes could be mentioned as:

  • The tickets are sold out or out of stock for now.
  • Your customer’s card issuer is declining the transaction due to insufficient funds.
  • The Regal app has an outdated version.
  • App cache & data are corrupted.
  • The platform is facing technical issues.

Despite the many possible causes, I have mentioned some very easy fixes to solve Regal error 51.

I hope the hard work has helped you to solve the error. Thanks!

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