First Direct Error Code Dp009t [What it is, and how to fix it?]

This page will explain the First Direct error code Dp009t that users report when accessing Online Banking or using an app.

The error code could be the result of ongoing problems with the First Direct system: it could be a server undergoing maintenance or the system experiencing some other glitch. The very first step you should take towards fixing the error is to check out First Direct’s services.

To check for all the services of First Direct, you can visit the official service status page or the official social media channels such as Twitter. Recent tweets might help you to verify whether the services/servers are undergoing any issues or maintenance work.

First Direct will officially announce to its users – if they schedule any maintenance work.

However, if the problems started suddenly, it could be a system failure or some other kind of temporary glitch.

A sudden problem with the First Direct system could also be verified by visiting a third-party tool named 

Alternatively, you can visit the official Twitter page to see if many users are reporting problems with the system.

Steps to do to fix the Error Code Dp009t if the First Direct’s Services are Fine

How to fix First Direct error code Dp009t

Have you verified First Direct’s services, and found that all are up and running? 

If yes but you are still plagued with the error code, then these are the steps that can be taken to resolve it:

  • Close the App and Relaunch It.
  • Clear the Cache.
  • Get in touch with Support.

Close First Direct App and Relaunch It

The error has officially been admitted as the result of the services issues with the First Direct, meanwhile, you are recommended to log out from your account, completely close the app and swipe it off from the screen then log in and launch the app.

Clear App Cache

Clearing the app cache would also be recommended- if closing and relaunching the app is not working to fix the error.

A few chances, but sometimes, it might resolve the issues with the app.

Contact Support

If nothing helps, contact First Direct support.

To get in touch with them, you can visit this link, or you can directly call them on this number- 03 456 100 100.


First Direct Error Code Dp009t is acknowledged as a system failure error so to fix it, you should perform these steps in order:

  1. Check and verify the server status.
  1. Wait for a while until the developers fix the problem.
  1. Close and relaunch the app.
  1. Clear the app cache.
  1. Contact the support.
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