What is IRS Error Code 8028 and How to Fix it?

Have you encountered error code 8028 when you were trying to sign in or create a profile with IRS (Internal Revenue Service)?

Don’t worry, several people are troubled with the same error- “Error code -8028.”

The full error that appears looks like- “Something Went Wrong” followed by the message “A condition has been identified that’s preventing your access to this service” followed by the code “Error code -8028”. You can find the screenshot below.

IRS error code 8028

In this guide, I will tell let you know the ways that look very easy to do but have worked for many users who ran into the same problem. But before that, I would like to tell you the causes for 

So let’s get started without wasting a second!

IRS error code 8028

The error code usually appears because of temporary issues with the IRS system. Another cause: the system has marked your TIN ID restricted somehow due to cybersecurity concerns, prisoners, etc. 

However, you can remove your TIN ID from the restricted list by reaching out to the IRS.

If you constantly see the error, that might mean that the online child tax credit update portal is restricted to use.

How to Fix The Error Code 8028?

How to Fix IRS Error Code 8028

As I have told you earlier, the error code might arise due to a temporary issue with the IRS system, so first of all, check the server to confirm the status. Going forward- if somehow, your TIN ID is marked restricted by the IRS system, then you might reach out IRS to remove the ID from the list.

Let’s get started with one-by-one steps!

Check Server Status

If your TIN ID is not banned then the main reason for getting the error code could be server issues.

You can check the status to ensure the situation. A well-known platform to check the server status of the IRS is Downdetector.com. Visit this website and see if many people are reporting issues with the platform or not.

If Yes, then what would be the next step?

Well, if the servers are down or have any other problem, you can only wait until it gets up again. 

Anything else that I can do a try from my end? 

Yes, you can try some other hacks!

Switch Your Network Connection

The network connection might create issues, especially if it is not protected. In that case, you can switch or change your network connection and then try again to create your profile on IRS or sign in to the platform.

Switch Your Device

The issue could also be with your device, on which you are trying to access the platform to create your profile or sign in to your existing IRS account.

So it is better to change your device and try to sign in to your IRS account on the new device.

Contact IRS Support

As a final task, you can try contacting IRS support. 

If you’ve tried all the methods in this guide and the situation still hasn’t changed, you have only one option left – contact ISR support.

Only the support team could elaborate on the exact situation with you! 


If you run into the same issue- getting the error code 8028, then it would be suggestible to wait a while as the error could be due to a temporary server outage with the IRS. Once the server status gets up, you can try again.

However, if your TIN ID is blocked, you can reach out IRS to remove it from the banned list.

I hope you have found a way to deal with the error -8028. Thanks!

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