Amazon Prime Error Code 28 [How To Fix!]

Amazon Prime error code 28 could plague you if your account is signed into many devices. Other causes: unstable internet, an outdated Amazon Prime app, a VPN, or a temporary issue with the Amazon Prime app.

To get the steps to fix this error code, read the guide!

Amazon Prime Error Code 28

Amazon Prime users are reporting on Amazon Forum that they are getting an error 28 when they are going to stream any content on the platform (Especially on other devices except Mobile) and suddenly their streaming stops and the error appears. They are quite confused as they are not aware of the error code. 

I’ve researched and haven’t found anything official on the error yet!

Although there is no official information on the same, it can be assumed that the error is showing up due to a connectivity issue. This can happen for two reasons: your internet connection is having issues or the app servers are down.

Connectivity issues and app servers could be the significant cause for the error code 28 while some minor causes could also be interpreted: an older version of the app, corrupted cache & data, an older version of your device’s software, a VPN, or the account being used on multiple devices.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 28

How to Fix Amazon Prime Error 28?

Follow these steps:

1- Restart Everything: The first step is to restart everything that is contented to each other to make a system (The streaming device, app, your internet router). Temporarily, this should fix the error.

2- Check for Updates: The second step is to check for updates for the Amazon Prime app and your device as well. If it is available to install, install it and see if the error is resolved or not.

3- Use a Supported browser: A user on Amzon’s official forum told that the error was troubling him when he was streaming content using a browser, this could be due to an unsupportive browser. So it is recommended to use always-supported browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

4- Log out from other devices: This error code 28 is likely to appear if you stream Amazon Prime on multiple devices. Sign out Amazon Prime video app from other devices and stream on the single selected device.

5- Disconnect other devices from your internet: Multiple devices connected to the same internet occupy a lot of bandwidth and reduce signal strength. So disconnect other devices in order to deal with the error code 28.

6- Deactivate VPN: The content you choose to stream may be geo-restricted and the error may appear if you use a VPN. Disable your VPN to see if it helps.

7- Uninstall and Reinstall Amazon Prime: The problem might be due to the app that you have installed. Uninstalling the Amazon Prime app and reinstalling it may fix the issue. So just do it and see if this helps or not.


This guide has simple steps to fix Amazon Prime error code 28. I hope one of the above steps has proved fruitful to you. However, if nothing has changed for you, check whether Amazon servers are up and running, you can also contact support to tell them your exact issue.

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