How to Fix Alight Motion Error 3565? [3 Ways!]

Are you facing error code 3565 on the Alight Motion app? Nothing to worry about, just scroll down to see how to fix it! 

Alight Motion is a motion graphics application having so many exciting features that help users to make graphics attractive. 

Motion graphics, animation, visual effects, video compositing, and video editing could be easy tasks using this app.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the error code 3565 in Alight Motion. 

Alight Motion Error 3565

How to Fix Alight Motion Error 3565?

Here are the ways to fix this startup error:

#1- Wait A While

The error code could be temporary and might resolve automatically after a few minutes. 

To fix the error 3565 on Alight Motion, just wait for a few minutes on the screen. 

If the error is still on the screen, try to switch between your networks. 

#2- Switch Your Network

Start-up errors commonly appear when your internet face issues. 

If you are on Wi-Fi, change the network to mobile data and if you are on mobile data, switch on to the WiFi. 

The error should be fixed by doing this! 

You can also try wiggling towards a new internet- if it is available. 

If your internet is laggy or unstable then it might also cause the error 3565. 

So, perform a speed test to see your internet’s current speed. 

If it is laggy, call your ISP or upgrade your plan.

#3- Contact Support

If you have waited enough and also switched your network but nothing has changed then, contacting Alight Motion support would be the next choice for you.

To connect with Alight Motion support, you can send an email to


Start troubleshooting the error code in Alight Motion by switching your networks (e.g. switch to the mobile data from wifi and vice versa), if this doesn’t help, wait for a while.

Lastly, contact support for more help.

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