How to Export Registrants from Zoom? [Where’s the export widget?]

Have you recently hosted a meeting on Zoom and many registrants participated in that meeting, but are you unable to export the details of all those registrants? Nothing to worry about! 

In this guide, I will show the method that will help you to export all your registrants from your Zoom meeting.

People host meetings on Zoom for various reasons, some want to discuss their project projection or other work-related things while some host for lead generation.

When you host a meeting for lead generation, you can ask users to fill out a form with their details like name, email address, phone number, etc. This data can be used for lead generation but, you may be disappointed- if you fail to export this valuable data for your use.

So if you are facing the problem which is not letting you export your registrants, then go ahead with this guide!

How to Export Registrants from Zoom?

How to Export Registrants from Zoom

Steps to export registrants are very easy, just go ahead with this guide, and you will find them below.

Before exporting registrant information, we need to know some prerequisites for registrant management because to export registrants, we need to have a “Registrants Management Page”:

1- Your PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux) should meet the minimum requirement or higher.

2- Your Phone (Android/iOS) should meet the minimum requirements or higher.

3- You should have Zoom’s Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account.

4- To create paid events, you should have Stripe or PayPal Business account.

5- An updated Zoom app or software.

6- Zoom events unlimited license.

I’m assuming you have all these things.

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to export the registrants:

  • Go to the Manage Registrants page.
  • Now, click on the Registrant tab.
  • Now, find the Export Registrants option and click on it to export all the registrants(the list).

Remember: registrants who have opted out of sharing contact information with hosts will not be displayed in the exported list. Also, registrants who have returned their tickets will not appear in the downloaded CSV file.

Where is the Export Widget?

Many users have a concern about the export widget, they are unable to find the widget, and therefore, unable to export their registrants.

So, if you also have the same problem, here is the path to find out the widget:

Reports > Usage Reports > Meeting > Meeting Report.

You will need to select “To Date” as the date of our scheduled meeting, and once you select it, click on the search button. Next, you will see the meeting description along with generate button. Click on the button and you will go to the ‘Report Queue’ tab. After waiting a while, you will see the download button here. Click on the button to download the file.


To export registrants from Zoom, go to the “Manage Registrants” page then click on the “Registrant” tab and find the “Export Registrants” option and click on it. If the option is not visible here, go to Reports > Usage Reports > Meeting > Meeting Report.

I hope this guide was helpful and answered all your queries, but if still, you have any doubts, you can reach out to me anytime! Thanks! 

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