IRS Tax Return Rejection Error Code R0000-500-01 [How To Fix?]

The error code R0000-500-01 appears when the IRS rejects your Federal Tax Returns due to mismatched records- the Name or Social Security Number (SSN). The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides such information to IRS.

To convert a rejection to an acceptance, you can provide the correct information to the IRS so that the data provided by you is matched with the IRS database.

IRS Tax Return Rejection Error Code R0000-500-01

How to Fix IRS Rejection Error Code R0000-500-01?

Check Your Information

Incorrect matching of the details provided by you with the IRS database is the main reason for the rejection of your federal tax return. 

So in order to fix the error code, you must double-check the details and see if you messed anything up with it.

As per the government rules, the Tax data is always to be correct. And If you found any mistake during the check, correct it and try again. 

Once you correct the details, the error code would not appear again.

Contact IRS

If you’ve double- or thrice-checked your details but haven’t found any mistakes, and the error code is still showing up and rejecting your federal tax return, your best option would be to contact IRS support.

Before contacting to IRS, you will need to print your return from your account. Once you print it, sign it and send IRS through the mail.

Once done, you can contact IRS. tell them about the error code. In some instances, they may need to correct tier records.

Final Words

If you are getting the Tax Return Rejection error code R0000-500-01 then you have two steps to fix this error code- correct your details that could be mismatched with the IRS database and contact IRS support

I hope the information on this page has helped you to understand the error code R0000-500-01! Comment to me with your opinions! Thanks!

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