Foxtel Error Code F1150? [How to Fix 2023!]

While researching this error code F1150 on Foxtel, unfortunately, I could only gather a little more after going through the official website. Although, I went through several other web pages and forums, but ultimately, could not find a concrete reason for the error code.

But on Twitter, a user had complained that he was troubled by the error code, and because of this error, he was unable to access the particular channel that he ordered. (Refer to the screenshot below)

Foxtel Error Code F1150

Even if the exact cause is not found, however, you can try some simple steps in order to resolve the error code from your screen.

How to Fix Foxtel Error Code F1150?

If you are facing a Foxtel error F1150, you can fix it by trying these in order:

1- Troubleshoot your internet connection.

2- Wait a while and try again.

3- Switch to another Channel.

4- Check if your device hasn’t any issues.

5- Make sure that you are not using any VPN.

6- Contact Foxtel.

Troubleshoot Issues with Your Internet

First, make sure there are no issues with the internet that you are using. Due to a lack of official information about the error code, it is recommended to check whether your internet is working well or not. 

See if other devices connected to the same internet are working fine or not. 

Also, try connecting your device with another internet or a mobile hotspot to see if this does any luck or not.

Wait a While And Try Again

This suggestion will work if there is a temporary problem with the channel you are trying to play and are getting the error code.

Giving some time could be a better step to take in order to fix a temporary problem.

Switch To Another Channel

To verify that the problem may be with one channel in particular, you should try switching to another channel. If the next channel is working fine, it would be sure that only the previous channel is having issues.

If so, the problem is with that channel, you should provide some time.

Check if your device hasn’t any issues

If there is no problem with your internet and channel, then it could be your device. To fix temporary problems with your device, you should turn it off and leave the device unplugged from the power plug for a few minutes. After waiting for a few minutes, plug the device back in and turn it on.

If the error is still there then you need to check if your device is running its latest firmware or not. If any update is available, install it and retry to stream the channel.

Disable VPN

The VPN may conflict with Foxtel services and as a result, you may see an error. So, my personal suggestion would be to disable it if you are using a VPN.

Contact Foxtel Support

Have to tried everything and every step mentioned above? Nothing has changed? From here, you will need to contact Foxtel Support.

Another good way to contact Foxtel support is by tweeting. Go to Foxtel’s Twitter page and tell them about the issue.


To fix the Foxtel error code F1150, start troubleshooting with your internet and then your device. If both haven’t any problem, try switching to another channel and disabling VPN.

If nothing helps, contact Foxtel support.

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