LG TV Red Tint Screen (6 Proven Methods To Fix!)

In this guide, I will explain why your LG TV has a red tint screen and how you can fix it permanently!

Red tint screen is quite a common problem in TV. Almost all TV brands have issues that the users have to face from time to time. Sometimes, these problems can arise as an error code or bug (software issue), and sometimes when a hardware part is damaged.

That’s why we will see both segments where we will try to figure out the exact cause for your problem and then troubleshoot the issue.

Why does my LG TV have a red tint screen?

Your LG TV screen may have a red tint due to any of the following:

  • Software problems.
  • Malfunctioning ports.
  • Incorrect settings.
  • Improperly configured external devices.
  • Backlight failures.

How to Fix LG TV Red Tint Screen?

How to Fix LG TV Red Tint Screen

The following ways could easily resolve the red tint screen issue with your LG TV:

Fix 1: Soft Reset Your TV (All LG TV Models)

To fix the red tint screen on your LG TV, you should perform a soft reset of your TV. Unplugging the TV will do this. 

The complete process is as follows: unplug your TV from the power outlet after turning off the TV, wait for 60 seconds, and then replug the TV and turn it On.

How may this simple task fix a huge problem such as a Red tint screen?

Well, soft resetting your TV allows the background programs to install successfully and also clears the system cache. So, if there is any background program running in the update and causing the red tint issue would be successfully installed when you do a soft reset of your TV. This way, the problem can easily be resolved.

Fix 2: Check For Your LG TV Firmware Update

Another best possible cause for the red tint screen is an outdated version of your LG TV firmware. So keeping your firmware to its latest version can prevent you from many issues arising over time.

Normally, LG TVs have automatic updates enabled by default, and whenever an update is launched it gets installed automatically. However, sometimes, some updates may fail to install automatically even if the automatic update is enabled. In such a case, you will need to check the update manually and install that.

LG has an official guide on it, find it here.

If you have any issues installing the latest update, contact me anytime!

Now, I am assuming you have installed the latest firmware update for your TV and the issue has also been resolved, but if it is still happening, move to the next fix.

Fix 3: Change The Input Device/Source

input Device button lg tv remote

Is your TV connected to multiple input/output devices such as a DVD player, cable box, Firestick, etc.? The LG TV remote has a button to change the input device. By changing the input device/source you can easily figure out which device is causing the issue. Once you find out, you can further troubleshoot the problem with the device.

Let’s understand it with an example,

Press the button on your remote to change the inputs. Once you press the button, you are shown a list of the connected inputs or devices. From the list, navigate the devices to see if the red tint is still present when you change the inputs. If the red tint appears only on one or more inputs but the picture is clearly visible on the other inputs then your TV is fine, the problem is with the input device.

It is not abnormal for a port to become damaged after prolonged use or an extended period of plugging and unplugging cables into the same port. You can change the port to see if the other port is working or not. 

Sometimes HDMI cables may also get faulty, in that case, you should try to replace the cable with a new one and see if this works or not.

Fix 4: Check The Picture Settings

Picture settings could also cause issues with the screen (Red Tint). So make sure the settings are set to the standard measure, change settings only when you know what you want. 

Fix 5: Check for the Backlight Failure (Generally For Older Models)

If you have an older model of LG TV and are facing a red tint then it can be assumed that the problem is appearing due to backlight failure. You can verify the cause by doing a flashlight test.

How to do a flashlight test?

In a dark room flash a light on the screen of your LG TV, if any spot (Generally white) is visible, it will confirm that the backlight has an issue or it is defective.

After confirming the cause, you will have two options:

1- Call a professional or technician or go to a good repair shop.

2- Repair your Tv by yourself.

The first option should be chosen when you don’t have enough proficient knowledge about repairing a TV. Repairing a damaged LG TV screen can range from $125-$500 depending on the issue.

You can go with the second option when you know how to repair a backlight failure issue. But, I would highly recommend not going with the second option if your TV is under the warranty because the warranty would be void if you attempt to repair your TV yourself.

Fix 6: Contact LG Support

The issue is still unresolved? It might be time to consider contacting support. 

The support team may advise you on other things according to your situation. Remember that performing any repairs would void the warranty.

To contact LG support, you can visit this link.


I hope you have resolved the red screen problem with your LG TV. The problem is very common and troubleshooting covers a wide range from soft reset to screen repair- which is quite technical.

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