Facing Foxtel Error Code f1072? Here’s All About This Error!

Like many people, are you still facing Foxtel error code f1072 and don’t know much about this error code? Don’t worry, just go ahead with this guide and you will know all about this error code, what it is, and how to fix it.

The error code users generally see when they try to play something they’ve already downloaded. Apart from this, the error code can also occur while streaming any online content (that is not downloaded). 

Foxtel Error Code F1072

How to fix Foxtel Error Code f1072?

The error can be simply said that it is a ‘playback issue’. 

To fix this error, you should follow these steps in a sequence:

  1. Wait for some time.
  1. Refresh the system.
  1. Switch to another channel.
  1. Close and Re-launch the Foxtel app.
  1. Contact customer support.

Wait a while and retry

This can be helpful if the error is only showing up due to a temporary glitch. Simply, try playing the content again and see if the error is resolved. If a quick retry doesn’t help, you should wait some time and then try again. Help may come this time.

Refresh The System

If the error code shows up again and again when you try again, it may be that ‘refreshing the whole system’ can help then. 

Just go back to the Home screen and refresh the system and try again to play the content.

Change the channel

To see if there is a problem with only the channel you are streaming from, change it and go to another channel. 

Often it may happen that there may be some maintenance work for that channel or the channel may be facing some other technical issues due to which you are seeing the error code f1072.

Relaunch the app

If the Foxtel app is experiencing a problem, closing and relaunching the app can help resolve it.

There might be some temporary bugs in the app which might get resolved when you start the app fresh. You should also clear the Foxtel app cache on your device to rule out a problem caused by a corrupted cache. Along with this, you should also try to update the app and also uninstall and reinstall it.

Contact Foxtel Custome Care

If you are not satisfied yet, which means the error code is still troubling you, then contacting Foxtel customer support may put you at ease.

You can contact them by visiting this link or giving them a call at the number- 00 61 3 8325 2701.

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