How to Fix McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found in McAfee?

Have you installed McAfee antivirus on your system and getting an error “McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found”?  

The second part of the error message is- “The procedure entry point BCryptHash could not be located”.

And this message is followed by “In the dynamic link library bcrypt.dll”- the third and last part of the error.

The error message can be seen while you try to update the McAfee antivirus program or the Live Safe app.

In this guide, you will learn the ways to fix the McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found error in McAfee antivirus.

What is the “McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found” error?

The “McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found” error in McAfee is a launch error that usually appears when there is a missing DLL or system file.

This can happen if some files are corrupted, or the system has incompatible drivers or outdated software.

Other cause: You’ve updated the McAfee Antivirus software/app or the Live Safe app.

How to Fix McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found in McAfee

How to Fix McUICnt.exe Entry Point Not Found error in McAfee antivirus?

To fix this error, you will have to download the latest version of DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

Once you download them, uninstall McAfee using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool.

After the successful uninstallation, reinstall McAfee from its website.

1- Download Microsoft Visual C++ and DirectX

2- Uninstall and Reinstall McAfee

  1. Visit-
  1. Click on “Remove using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR)” to expand this option.
  1. Now, click on the “MCPR Tool” link and then follow this path- Open > Next > Agree > Next > Security Validation > Next > Restart.
  1. After this, visit on McAfee website ( and click on sign in.
  1. After signing in to your account, Go to Downloads & Devices> Download > Agree and download.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact McAfee Chat Support to ask for further assistance.

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