How to Change Email Address in Honkai Star Rail? [9 Steps!]

Honkai Star Rail is a newly launched game that is a space fantasy RPG. It has a massive hit and downloads across the world.

The game is developed and published by HoYoverse. 

You will get a space station, a planet trapped in eternal winter, and a starship to explore in the game.

High-quality cinematography in the game makes the gaming experience lovable for all gamers.

Players can make their journey more adventurous in the game, they can meet new friends around the world.

If you have entered the wrong or another email that you don’t want to create your Honkai Star rail account for, you can change it. 

Users who have this question will find the steps to change their email address in Honkai Star Rail by just swiping down the article.

How to Change Email Address in Honkai Star Rail

How to Change Your Email Address in Honkai Star Rail?

If you want to change your Email address in Honkai Star Rail, follow these steps:

  1. Visit this link and log in to your Honkai Star Rail account.
  2. Once you log in successfully, select “Account Security Settings”.
  3. You will see the “Modify Link” option next to your email address, select this option.
  4. Send a verification code to your email address and once the code is gotten, enter it into the “Verification code” field.
  5. After entering the verification code correctly, select “Next”.
  6.  You will get an option to enter the email address that you want to link.
  7. Enter your preferred email address (That you want to register with).
  8. Verify the entered email address by sending a verification code to your new email address and entering it into the “Verification code” field.
  9. Finally, select the “Link” option to change your email address!

Once you follow the above steps correctly and enter all the verification codes correctly (which you will get twice), your old email address will be swiped along with the new one.

Now, your Honkai Star Rail account will be operated through the newly entered email address.

Note: Changing your email address will not impact your Honkai Star Rail and Genshin progress.

To know more, you can contact Honkai Star Rail support for help:

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