How to Fix Error Code 201 in Apex Legends Mobile?

How to Fix Error Code 201 in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Error Code 201: An EA Community manager meant this error as a disconnection between you and the game server. That’s why players are unable to log in. Users may face connectivity problems, lag, or sudden disconnections during gameplay. 

Encountering this error can be a hurdle in your gaming as it prevents you from logging in or streamlining play. 

Since millions of players worldwide touch the game (Apex Legends Mobile), the error can plague them.

So, the error could be a big hurdle for hundreds and more than it. (Uncountable)

In this guide, you will learn why error code 201 appears in Apex Legends Mobile and how to fix this error code.

What causes Apex Legends Mobile Error 201?

The news is that the game has been completely removed from the Play/App Store. The official announcement confirms this. Since the game is not a part of the Play/App Store, users may encounter various errors, bugs, issues, or connection problems such as error code 201.

However, the game is still alive on PC and Consoles and is massively played by users.

Devs are constantly releasing updates and new features for the game (For PC and Consoles).

These can be other causes for the error:

  • Your internet.
  • Overloaded Game servers.
  • VPN.
  • Corrupted or missing game files.

How to Fix “Error 201” in Apex Legends Mobile?

To fix the error, follow these steps:

  1. Check server status: servers may get overloaded.
  1. Check your network connection: you may have unstable, laggy, or no internet.
  1. Update the game: the game may need to be updated.
  1. Restart the game: the error may be a temporary bug, restarting the game can solve then.
  1. Delete and reinstall the game: the installed game may have some corrupted or missing files, delaying and reinstalling it solves this.
  1. Disable VPN: you may have VPN enabled, disable it.
  1. Contact the game support team: if nothing helps, contact support for help.
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