Fix: “Request failed. The current network environment is at risk” in Honkai Star Rail

Here is how to fix the error- “Request failed. The current network environment is at risk” in Honkai Star Rail. 

If you are getting this error on your Android, iPhone, or PC, just scroll down the page to see the causes and solutions for this.

Honkai Star Rail is a space-themed role-playing game that is created and published by HoYoverse. 

The game has hit millions of players across the world.

A huge number of players are attracted to the game as it has an endless expanse of the galaxy that has exciting destinations such as a space station, a planet trapped in eternal winter, and a starship.

Original soundtracks, facial animation, and high-quality cinematic make the game more experienceable. 

With such a great gaming experience, the game is not untouched by errors and issues.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the request failed error in the Honkai Star Rail game.

Why am I getting the request failed error in the Honkai Star Rail game?

Any of the following could be the cause:

Sever is Overloaded- an overloaded server or an outage with it could prevent you from creating an account or verifying your email address.

Internet Connectivity issue- slow internet, unstable or no internet.

Custom DNS– installed third-party plugins or extensions may change your DNS.

Antivirus or Firewall– A firewall or antivirus may block the game files.

How to fix the “Request failed. The current network environment is at risk” error?

Start troubleshooting the error “Request failed. The current network environment is at risk” error in Honkai Star Rail by switching your network (from mobile data to Wi-fi and vice-versa).

Further troubleshooting:

  • Create your account on the official Honkai Star Rail website instead of the game client.
  • Disable VPN or Adblocker.
  • Disable your Antivirus.
  • Contact Hoyoverse support for help.

Switch between your networks (Mobile Data and Wi-Fi)

Use your mobile data instead of your Wi-Fi- if you are on your Wi-Fi and facing the error. Do the same in reverse.

You can also try another network connection.

Create Your Account on the official Honkai Star Rail website

  • Click on the Login link (See Top Right of the screen).
  • Click on the Register Now option.
  • You would have 5 options to register- Emil, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Register via one of them and verify your email address.

Turn Off Ad-blockers (e.g. AdGuard DNS)

Ad-blockers like AdGaurd DNS are causing miscommunication with the game and many users have found that disabling it helps to fix the error.

Try to log into your account after disabling the Ad-blocker. The error should not appear!

Contact HoYoverse 

Have you tried out all the above ways but the error is still ruining your gaming, it is time to get in touch with the HoYoverse support.

You can email and describe the exact problem that you are facing with the Honkai Star Rail game.

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